365 DAYS WITH YOU Novel by Kems

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“If this were to be a mere fictional werewolf story, I would have said you were made to be mated to me.” Carl whispered in my ear as he drew in his drunken breath.

I smelt like the vodka we had few minutes ago, which he was obviously drunk from. “If this were to be a princes’ story, I would have said you were made to be my betrothed.” He was still whispering in my ear,

but this time around, his voice was more sunken. As he took a step closer to me, not more than an inch away from where I stood, my stomach grumbled. I could feel my baby move, maybe I was just overthinking.

It was a weird feeling. Is this love? No, this is just a contract relationship, and nothing more. I accepted this whole drama to build a future for my baby, and protect my job.

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I shouldn’t be tripping over my boss’s brother who obviously hated each other. I shifted uncomfortably from him. His arms quickly swung around my waist, drawing me closer.

His grip was so firm, that I could literally feel life snuck out from me. I stared at his eyes, which were so irresistible. His eyes were fixed on my lips.

Is he going to kiss me right now? I pondered, and shook my head trying to escape my thoughts. “Should I coffee for you?” I asked, wishing it will break the tensed atmosphere, and his grip.

Coffee? that sounded really awkward because how on earth will coffee help him. Trickles of sweat ran through my forehead. Was it the same man that offered me this awful contract to be his girlfriend months ago?

Why is his stares so intense, like it’s passing a different message. I couldn’t describe the constant thudding my heart beat made. The day he offered me the contract, he sat graciously inches away from me.

You could easily see the aura of pride, and dignity that surrounded him, and he didn’t stare at me as he magnificently drafted the contract. With every word he wrote down, he read it out to me,

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making himself so plain, and clear. “Rule Number One: You are not allowed to fall in love with me. Rule Number Two: You are not allowed to kiss or hug me, except if I want to, just to convince my father, which I wish will never happen.”

He didn’t bother to hide the disgust on his face when he made the last statement. “Rule Number Three: No one is allowed to know about this contract, not even my brother. This is strictly between I, you, and my P.A.

Understood?” I nodded nervously, wondering if it was the right decision as I glutch my stomach. This guy was unbelievable, and so full of himself, like he rules the world, and could destroy it with the snap of his finger.

“You will get paid weekly as long as we don’t get caught, for a year. If you want to ever opt out from this, get ready to pay me back.” He said firmly. How on earth am I going to survive with this menace for 365 days.

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I inhaled deeply, and forced a smile at him. “I should get back to my boss, Daniel”. His face twisted into a frown when I mentioned his brother’s name. Weirdly, I felt satisfied by his facial expression.

His eyes burned with rage. No one needed to tell me, that they were sworn enemies who will forever hate each other until one step downs, or preferable, dies. “If the moon were….”Carl’s slogging voice reverted me back to reality,

and that reality meant that I should get ready for Daniel’s wrath. After minutes of trying, I succeeded in tucking him in bed, and rang the bell for his P.A, Nate to come in. One thing I know Carl loves about his P.A was her immediate response to his call.

“Do well to remind me not to let him drink again.” I whispered to Nate, as I dragged my foot across the tiles.

365 DAYS WITH YOU Novel by Kems
365 DAYS WITH YOU Novel by Kems

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