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After School What Next?

So, let’s say you have made the right choice in choosing a course of study and you are now studying as a college student in a tertiary institution, your hope will be to finish as quick as possible, obtain your certificate and get a job.

Previously, I wrote an article where I discussed what you must bear in mind while applying for a course of study in a tertiary institution.


Few might plan starting their own businesses, which is an idea that is not taught in schools; nowadays, the school does not teach how to create jobs, rather how to work for others.

Considering the prevailing societal situations, every student should ask themselves this simple but powerful question: After school, what next?

With Nigeria as a case study, after graduation, you owe the nation a one-year national service. Under the National youth service corps (NYSC) program, every graduate that is under the age of thirty, owe the country a one-year national service, during this period, the graduate will be posted to any of the 36 states of the federation including the federal capital territory Abuja, to offer a free service to the society that is in line with his/her course of study.

During this period, it is expected of the graduate to impart their academic knowledge and educational experiences on the people around them, and also learn from them. It is expected of the graduate to prepare themselves to venture into the labour market. Some graduates utilize this period to fully prepare themselves for the life challenges ahead. Some use this period to horn new skills and garner more experiences to face what lies ahead in life.

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With Nigeria as a case study, statistics has shown that the rate of unemployment is high, so, every well-meaning and reasonable graduate should brace for that. With this situation in mind, the solution will be to create your own job.

Preparing ahead and face the future

Creating your own job can be less simple than you thought or could imagine. Do not forget that a journey of a light years starts with a step. You need to begin somewhere. Beginning somewhere requires a basic knowledge of the business you wish to venture into.

It would not be a bad idea if you start to learn that after graduation, but learning a business and entrepreneurial skill while in school has a greater advantage because it will give you the opportunity to apply directly what you are currently learning in school.

Therefore, while still in school, do not just fold your hands and answer a student, enroll into entrepreneurial and skills acquisition programs, get skilled-up, it will help you after graduation. Sometimes the skills start paying off even before graduation, I am speaking from experience, it was in my second year as a physics student that I learned a skill on electronic circuit design, and with this skill I made money by assisting other students with their assignments and projects. After graduation, I am still making a living with my skills, I have a tech startup, write and upload my works on you can check it out.

So, to answer the title question, after school what next? The next thing will be to start your own business and make a living; to do that you need a skill, therefore, as a student go and learn a skill or skills and prepare yourself for the future.

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