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My Secret to Being a Fit and Healthy Mom

How I Became a Fit and Healthy Mom

I started out like most lazy, overweight people. I always heard how important it was to eat healthy and exercise, but I didn’t know where to start or what to do, so I ate junk food constantly and never exercised. When my husband proposed, I knew that the wedding dress would not look good on me if I did not lose some weight.

I joined Weight Watchers with a friend. We tried our best but after two months of dieting we fell off the bandwagon. The wedding came and went, leaving us both heavier than before.


Wanting to try something different, my friend decided that she wanted to join her local YMCA. She asked if I wanted to go with her one day, but I refused, thinking I would never go again.

The next summer found me sitting at home watching my husband and son play in the baby pool while I sat on the couch stuffing my face with another bag of chips. Suddenly, it hit me that enough was enough! I can’t live this way anymore! Why am I so lazy? So unmotivated? What is wrong with me?

That night as everyone else was asleep I thought back to when I first met my husband almost three years ago. Back then he went to a gym regularly and his body showed it. He was so fit and looked great! Why couldn’t I have been like that? It wasn’t fair to him or myself. Something had to change.

The next day I went up to my friend who had joined the YMCA and asked her what she did when she went there. After talking with her, I decided to join too! What did I have to lose?

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That was two years ago. Now I workout regularly, eat healthier than ever before, and feel better about myself then ever before. Sure it’s hard but its worth it in the end.

My Secret to Being a Fit and Healthy Mom
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Here are my Secret to being a Fit and Healthy Mom

For any mom who wants to get into shape or is already working out here are some tips that really helped me:

  1. Don’t give up! This is not easy! But if you want anything bad enough you will work hard for it no matter what!
  2. Find a workout buddy and do it together! This will motivate you more than ever.
  3. Give yourself rewards for reaching milestones! You can buy yourself something or do something nice for yourself when you get there.
  4. Drink lots of water! This sounds so basic but I cannot stress enough how important this is to your body and skin.

Now that I am in shape, my husband looks at me like he did when we first met and he loves the new me! My son sees me as a role model and someone to look up too (when I’m not chasing him around). And most importantly, I love myself and finally feel good about what I see in the mirror.

I hope this article helps anyone out there who needs a little push in the right direction! Working out and eating healthy is not that hard once you get into it. If I can do it, so can anyone else! You just have to want it bad enough!

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