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Prayer for Loved Ones & For Loss of Loved Ones

When it comes to loved ones, we all want the best for them. We hope that they are happy, healthy, and safe. A prayer for loved ones is a way to show our gratitude for all the time and love they have given us. It doesn’t need to be religious or prayed in any specific way- all that is needed is your own thoughts and sincerity.

Simply take a few minutes out of your day to reflect on what you are thankful for, think about someone you love, and send them your good thoughts. This small gesture can mean a lot to them and show them how much you care.


Prayer for Loved Ones

Here’s a list of prayer for someone you Love:

Long prayer for someone you Love.

Gracious and compassionate Father, You are a good God who has brought every person into my life as a blessing from You. In love, I pray for this person that they may know and experience You more. I also pray that You bless them in all they are trying to do in their life. Give them favor with their family, friends, and colleagues so that they may see evidence of Your grace around them. I thank and praise You, for You are the God who is with us always. Amen.

Short prayers for someone you Love.

1. Lord, please watch over my loved one and keep them safe. Give them strength in times of need and help them to find peace and happiness.

2. Dear God, please surround my loved one with your love and protection. Help them to stay positive and hopeful through everything that they are going through.

3. I pray for your guidance, Lord, for my loved one. Help them to find the path that is best for them and to stay on it. Give them the strength to make the right decisions in their life.

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4. I offer you this prayer, God, in thanks for my loved one. Thank you for all the love they have shown me and for everything they have done for me. May they continue to be blessed by you in all they do. Amen.

5. Heavenly Father, I come before you today with a grateful heart. Thank you for blessing my loved one with strength, love, and happiness. Please continue to guide them on their path and protect them from harm. Amen.

6. Lord, I pray that you will bless my loved one with good health. Keep them strong and healthy so they can continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Amen.

7. Merciful God, please watch over my loved one in times of need. When they are feeling down, be there to comfort them and give them hope. Protect them from all harm and give them the strength to face whatever challenges come their way.

8. Dear God, please help my loved one to find love and happiness in their life. Fill their heart with compassion and joy so they can share it with those around them. I pray that they will find fulfilment in all they do and that your love will shine through them.

9. Lord, I ask that you give my loved one wisdom and understanding in all they do. Help them to make the right decisions and to always choose what is best for them. Guide them on their path and give them the strength to stay the course.

10. I love you, Lord, and I pray for the best for my loved one. I thank you for all the good you have done for them and for all the good that you will do in the future. May your love be with them always. Amen.

Prayer for Loss of Loved One (death)

Hearing the death of a loved one can be devastating. When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn. A prayer for loss of a loved one is a way to help you through this difficult time. It can provide comfort and support, and allow you to express your feelings and thoughts.

Prayer for Loss of Loved Ones
Prayer for Loss of Loved Ones.

Here’s a list of Prayer for loss of loved one, a friend or relatives who passed away:

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1. Loving God, you have called our dear one home. We pray that they may now enjoy the fullness of your presence and love. Grant them the peace and rest they deserve after all their struggles on this earth. Strengthen us as we mourn this loss and help us to remember the good times we shared. Amen.

2. Father, I pray to you, for you are always there, always ready to be found. I thank you for being my hiding place. I run to you when the great waves of grief rise and threaten to overcome me. Watch over me in my distress over losing my dear one. Surround me with songs of deliverance when I am in the valley of sorrow and feel like I cannot go on. Counsel me and encircle me with your mercy and loving devotion. Amen.

3. Merciful God, you have given us life and with it the privilege of loving. When we lose those we love, your presence is the only thing that can bring us consolation. Hold our dear one close to your heart and grant them eternal rest. Give us strength to bear this heavy Cross and grant us the hope of reunion in heaven. Amen

4. Divine Providence, we come before you today asking for your guidance and comfort. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and we do not know how to go on. Grant us the grace to accept this great loss and give us the strength to carry on. Amen!

5. Almighty God, we give you thanks for the life of our loved one. Though they are gone from us now, they will never be forgotten. Help us to remember all the good times we shared and how much we loved them. Grant them eternal peace and bring us comfort in our time of grief. Amen.

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6. God of all comfort, my family and I are consumed with the pain of separation from our dear one who has left this life. We know that we will be reunited one day, but our hearts long to be together now. We remember that even Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus. And yet, in our sorrow, we thank you for the sweetness of your abiding presence. We thank you for your comfort and the peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

7. God of wisdom, direct my mind as I make needed decisions today as we deal with the death of our loved one today. The pain and grief are severe, but I need to maintain a clear mind as I work out the necessary arrangements at the hospital and funeral home. I don’t know where and how to start. It’s overwhelming me. Father, please come and minister to my broken heart and clouded mind. Empower me with your wisdom so I can plan how to meet obligations and carry out the tasks that lay before me today. Please let your Spirit be with me. Amen.

8. Heavenly Father, by your power Christ conquered death and ascended in glory. I pray that you will give me the blessing of peace in the midst of my grief at the loss of my loved one. Jesus died and rose again, and is seated at your right hand, interceding for your people. I ask that you would bring comfort to my weary heart. I thank you for the memories I have and pray that you will show me the path of life, and the fullness of joy in your presence through all eternity. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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