CEO’s Silly Girl Novel by Man Tian Xing

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, CEO’s Silly Girl by Man Tian Xing.

CEO’s Silly Girl Novel Summary.

An idiot with an IQ of only 5 years old. However, she was married to the young master of the Su family, the dissolute, violent, and incompetent young master of the Qi family!

He did not expect that he would hold her in his hands, but he felt that there was something wrong with the silly girl who had married him! A top hacker called her a big shot?

The world’s richest man in the financial circle begged her to give him guidance and treat her to a meal at all costs?

The leader of an organization that was famous overseas and abroad was sent to the ICU by her? Wait! When did she become so powerful?!.

CEO's Silly Girl Novel by Man Tian Xing
CEO’s Silly Girl Novel by Man Tian Xing

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