Children of Satan Novel

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Children of Satan Novel Summary

Pray before you read, the devil might take you.

Saint Ali, who grew up in the Dominican monastery in Spain, was a formidable fighter as a member of the “Telum” organization, known for its battles against Satan. While serving as an assistant priest, he was ordered to investigate the increasing number of possessions and various supernatural phenomena in the Philippines. Thus, he embarked on a full-fledged mission to fight demons. During his mission, he came across information that the “Lance of Longinus,” also known as the “Holy Spear,” was hidden in the Philippines. In response, he gathered his comrades and began to fight demons. As the battle continued, Ali found himself increasingly isolated, caught between the will of the angels, the desires of Satan, and the conspiracies of Telum.

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Children of Satan Novel
Children of Satan Novel

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