Desire To Control Her Novel by Mehaklovely

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Desire To Control Her Novel Summary.

He was the strictest Dom, loves to control women and she was a free bird, didn’t like to be controlled by anybody.

He was into the BDSM and she hates it. He was finding a challenging submissive for himself and she was a perfect match for him but she wasn’t ready to accept his offer because she lived her life without any rules and regulations.

She wanted to fly high like a free bird without any limitations. He has a burning desire to control her because she was his perfect choice but she was a hard nut to crack.

He was crazy to make her his submissive and control her mind, soul and body. What will be the spark between them? Will it end with Dom dropping the whip or the bird getting into the cage?


To know these answers join the cute and intense journey of the hot and strictest Master and his cute little butterfly. *** “I flared up by looking at the person like you.” “What do you mean by this?”

“I mean you’re a Dominant who controls people life and I hate it.” “You don’t know anything, butterfly. At least experience it, then hate it.” “It will be better if I throw you out of the cafe by kicking your ass.” His eyes widened a bit in shock.

“This will also be a new experience for me.” I grinned. “Butterfly, you will regret if you ever do this to me or even say this to me again.” His tone became stern suddenly.

“Oh, I’m so scared.” I scoffed. “Fuck you and get the hell out of my cafe if you don’t want me to kick your ass.” He frowned and dragged me to the backside of the cafe by seizing my wrist.

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Then he pushed me into the party hall and hurriedly locked the door. “What the fuck do you think of yourself? You,” “Shut up.” He roared, cutting my words. He again grasped my wrist and dragged me to the sofa.

He sat down and with a swift motion, he yanked me down and bent me over his lap. He pinned me against the sofa by pressing his hand on my back and locked my legs between his legs. What he is doing? Fear rushed down my spine.

Desire To Control Her Novel by Mehaklovely
Desire To Control Her Novel by Mehaklovely

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