100 Ways to Solve a Murder

100 Ways to Solve a Murder is a gripping crime fiction novel written by Vanlauredel.

Summary of 100 Ways to Solve a Murder

The plot revolves around Levi Jackson, a brilliant criminal psychologist who owns “Jackson Detectives,” a private detective agency. Levi is well-known for his extraordinary ability to read people and solve complex cases.

The story begins with Levi being given the case of a missing accountant. Despite his initial belief that the case is too minor for his firm, he accepts it due to the client’s willingness to pay. As the investigation progresses, Levi realizes he needs the assistance of a forensic expert, so he contacts Dr. Sam Gray, the Director of Forensics at Guy’s Hospital.

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100 Ways to Solve a Murder
100 Ways to Solve a Murder

Levi and Sam work together on a variety of cases, each with its own set of challenges and twists. They use their wit, intelligence, and intuition to solve crimes and bring justice to victims, ranging from serial killers to kidnappers. They also manage to irritate a lot of people along the way, including the police department and some of their clients.

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Anyone who enjoys crime fiction should read this book. The characters are memorable, the cases are intriguing, and the book is well-written. It’s a fantastic addition to the genre and a testament to Vanlauredel’s storytelling abilities.

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