30 Days of Lust Novel by Allistarr

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30 Days of Lust Novel Summary.


What happens when a sexy and cute bodyguard is contracted to protect you after you discover your life is in danger? Nina, a young and beautiful girl seeking to revenge for her mother’s death fakes a love relationship with Greg Peterson,

the son of a wealthy and dangerous family who murdered her mother. But when Kaden is assigned to protect her, she feels he would ruin her plans with his presence.

She hates her new bodyguard who follows her everywhere with all her heart but when he proposes something different from others A life with him full of sex or a life without him, she becomes destabilized.

What happens when she learns the whole truth about everything and that Kaden isn’t really the guy she thought he was? Find out by reading this suspense filled story of love, sex and revenge.

30 Days of Lust Novel by Allistarr
30 Days of Lust Novel by Allistarr

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