7 Days Series Novel

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7 Days Series Novel Summary

Everyone has their fates connected to their birthdays, they are likely to have psychic abilities specifically connected to ‘something’.

Some can sense it while some cannot, depending on what they have committed in the past.
Mystery, Death, Foolishness, and Greed are the things attracting the evil spirits to be around.

Those who were born on Sunday… “Ward: Labor Tomb”
If you see ‘the pregnant,’ please beware; they are there to take your head.

Those who were born on Monday… “Mirror: Who’s the First to Die of Them All?”
After midnight where mirrors are, ‘mysterious things’ will appear.

Those who were born on Tuesday… “Haunted: Mystery of Plumeria House”
Stay away from ‘bathrooms’, if you wish to stay alive.

Those who were born on Wednesday… “Theater: Book Me a Death Ticket”
When people born on this day go to a funeral, they tend to witness bad events.

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Those who were born on Thursday… “Stairs: 12 Steps…Ghost Staircase”
At night, do not look at the stairs, or else something might be there.

Those who were born on Friday… “Reality: Dare the Living, Discover the Dead”
There is a game for the living but noted that it might take their lives.

Those who were born on Saturday… “Holy: Soul Sacrifice to Spirit’s House”
The ancient saying goes: think before you speak, as something the eyes cannot see does not mean it is not real.

Every inconsiderate action must be traded with the living, and only death is the answer!
One question… What day were you born on…?

7 Days Series Novel
7 Days Series Novel

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