A Baby For Christmas Novel by Scarletink

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A Baby For Christmas Novel Summary.

Happiness is free they say…. But when happiness becomes too expensive, then…? Louis Croft, the billionaire widower whose daughter was dying of leukemia.

His daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. Louis thinks no woman is worthy of having his child until he met her. Arianna, a young and beautiful orphan whose life was a living hell thanks to her aunt and cousin.

She never knew what true happiness was until she met him. After a visit to the gynecologist few weeks before Christmas, Arianna received the most surprising new of her life; She was pregnant!

Until yesterday she was a virgin, how did she suddenly become pregnant? Whose child was she carrying?

What happens when the billionaire widower suddenly come knocking on her door?

A Baby For Christmas Novel by Scarletink
A Baby For Christmas Novel by Scarletink

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