A Cold-Blooded POV by Month

For petty retaliation against the humans, it destroyed a whole kingdom. In order to satisfy its greed, it looted the Board of Sorcery and hoarded every core in its vault. A God who entered its land without its permission was murdered and annihilated.

A reptile that appeared to be just like any other emerged from its egg in a tunnel of the Great Aeternus Labyrinth. It started off by surviving and getting stronger, but as it evolved, it developed a developing cognition that it shouldn’t have adaptive attributes that are unattainable for its current stage of evolution.

Watch this lizard change and grow as you read. Watch how it transforms Atinen into a new era marked by both prosperity and hope as well as chaos and disaster.

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I am aware that you guys are sick of entertaining tales of monster development where the monster gradually loses its monstrous characteristics until they are reduced to nothing more than a hotter version of a human and the tale ceases to be one. I concur.

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This tale is not about a man who was killed by a truck and then came back to life as a monster in another realm. No. The protagonist of this story, the monster Mc, has a monster’s mindset and point of view. Reincarnation, however, plays a part in the narrative.

A Cold-Blooded POV by Month
A Cold-Blooded POV by Month

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