A Contract Marriage With My Boss Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

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A Contract Marriage With My Boss Novel Summary.

A marriage bound by a contract, and she was obliged to accept it. He was her boss, and she was his secretary.

She gave him everything he wanted, but her love was neglected, but when she decided to leave, he offered her a contract marriage to make her stay.

But, someone occupied his heart, and he couldn’t offer anything to her except his talent on the bed. After their marriage, she endured the pain, but scheme after scheme destroyed her tolerance.

Finally, she was ready to leave him, but suddenly he refused to let her go. Charles seemed to feel her sorrow, hugged her suddenly, and whispered,

“Sarah, you can trust me. I won’t ever be with her. You are different from all those other women. I really want to be with you.

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If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have cut off relationships with all other women. Don’t you believe me now?” Sarah sobbed gently, “If you have accepted that it’s over with her,

why do you still keep her photo in your wallet? Why do you still miss her? Don’t you see how it’s hurting me?” Charles stared at her,

“She’s just another woman from my past!” The atmosphere between them became suffocating, and Charles said in a low voice,

“Sarah, have I told you that you could leave? Remember, I’m your boss. You are my secretary and my wife!” Angrily, Charles shouted again, “Sarah, I’m your man!”

“Uh? My man?” Sarah laughed and stared at him. Tears began to slip down her cheeks, “Are you, my man?

Mr. President, I am just a mere possession of yours and never become your wife! Set me free, I’m begging you!”

A Contract Marriage With My Boss Novel by Anna Shannel Lin
A Contract Marriage With My Boss Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

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