A Deal With The Mafia Queen Novel by Lola Ben

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A Deal With The Mafia Queen Novel Summary.

“You heard me, Damon Jones,” I replied after a few seconds of silence that was honoured with his confused gaze. “I want us to be together.

I want us to have sizzling moments that only you and I would know about. I want us to hold each other, and sweaty as our needs grow. Not once, not twice, but for as long as possible.” I surprised myself with the tone of my voice.

His hands on his waist, the man scoffed. It was a loud one. After a few seconds of making his feet dance in the very spot he stood, he faced me, the tip of histongue probing the flesh of his upper lip.

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That was a nice sight. It made my eyes linger on his lips longer than I intended. As my eyes quickly traveled to his wet shirt which exposed the nudity that I keep wondering about, he said,

“You must be out of your mind, Selena.” ~ In life, mistakes happen. A mistake like taking the wrong file instead of the file that contains your CV and other important documents a job seeker needs to have.

But, there’s no going back because you have a great job opportunity right in front of you. An opportunity that could vanish before anyone can complete the words, Jack Robinson.

And, mistakes can lead to a lot of things. Things you could never imagine would happen in even five lifetimes to come.

Like making a dangerous deal with a Mafia Queen… [Mature scenes inclusive].

A Deal With The Mafia Queen Novel by Lola Ben
A Deal With The Mafia Queen Novel by Lola Ben

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