A lifetime with a billionaire CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, A lifetime with a billionaire CEO by AlexandraDiane.

A lifetime with a billionaire CEO Novel Summary.

When an uncanny encounter made a way for love to grow, three different stories of love would unveil how mysterious love was.

Two different worlds are intertwined by destiny. None of them can predict their fated lovers.Alexandrian Romano fell in love and started to make promises to his childhood friend Lily at a young age.

When something happened between them, fate decided to play its role. After separating for 15 years, their love reignited. It all started from a night with Mr. CEO. It ends with a future to be unfolded.

Mary Anderson, young and naïve, helped a stranger by surrendering her body to a man who promised that would take responsibility for what he had done to her.

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Five years after that night, John and Mary Ann met each other again, discovering each other’s real identity, and as John remembered his past promise, would it be too late for him to fulfill it?

How mysterious would love to leave a mark in their hearts that was never gone even after a couple of years being apart? Would the promises that have been uttered finally be fulfilled?

Betrayed and broken-hearted, Alex flew his way out of the country to flee from the pain that was brought by his cousin and his childhood sweetheart where he made a deal with a stranger.

Just after a couple of hours of meeting Diane, they both got married. Will their contracted marriage turn into a real marriage?

Or a big blast would blow and tear them apart?Fall in love with Mr.CEO to find out the romance of the billionaire’s love story.

A lifetime with a billionaire CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane
A lifetime with a billionaire CEO Novel by AlexandraDiane

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