A Little Luck Novel by Tia Louise

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A Little Luck Novel Summary.

Adam Stone is not a saint.
He’s six-foot-two, naughty blue eyes, cocky grin, and a bod blessed by the gods.
He’s a surfer, a soldier, a pilot, and he’s been my friend since I moved to our small town when we were just kids.

But another man took my hand.
He took my innocence, took my trust, and broke my heart.
I was young. I didn’t know love could be a weapon.
I didn’t know the hand that caressed you could also cut you.

Now that man is dead, and I’m a single-mom survivor wearing a mask so perfect, no one knows the truth. Trust doesn’t come easy, and surviving is a hard habit to break.

But when a plumbing disaster leaves me homeless, one night in Adam Stone’s (supposedly) empty bed changes everything.
I’ve hidden my scars so long, I don’t know how else to be, but I want to try.

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I’m in love with Adam Stone. I love every glance, every wink, every protective touch…
He says he’s different. He says he loves me and my son, and he wants to take care of us.
I believe in this love.
All I need is a little luck.

(A LITTLE LUCK is a spicy small-town, single mom romance with elements of forced proximity, only one bed, who did this to you, he falls first, and a touch of suspense. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

A Little Luck Novel by Tia Louise
A Little Luck Novel by Tia Louise

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