A love that kills Novel by Seiji

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A love that kills Novel Summary.

“Why? Why did you lie to me?” He screams the anger in his deep heart twisting his chest.   “On what exactly?” She answered calmly.   

“You’ve already taken me for a fool so explain yourself…I need answers.”  ” About what?”  “Freia…”  He hit the bars of her cell before gritting his teeth.  

“I…I need an explanation…I want you to give me your reasons, to apologize or I don’t know….”  “Do you want me to apologize for loving you? Never in life.”

Love that Kills is a story about the dilemma of Andrews, a witch hunter reputed to be ruthless to witches.  Andrews lost his family to a witch when he was just a child and he swore to eradicate all witches from the face of the world.  

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But his path meets that of Freia, a witch who does not give the aura and Andrews falls madly in love with her, far from doubting her true nature. 

What will happen when Andrews learns the truth about Freia?  Would he be able to override his hatred? 

Or this hatred will drag him into its depths, imprisoning him there forever.  I invite you to discover it.

A love that kills Novel by Seiji
A love that kills Novel by Seiji

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