A Night With The Ruthless Mafia Don Novel by EL JHAY

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A Night With The Ruthless Mafia Don Novel Summary.

“I own you, Marisa,” He whispered dangerously into her ears as he fondled with her breasts, causing her to let out a soft moan which she tried so hard not to let out.

He smirked devilishly when he saw the effect he was having on her. His right hand found it’s way under her gown, and she moaned loudly when he shifted her panties.

“Yes,” He smirked darkly, “Moan for me, Marisa, because I own every part of you, starting from your soft breasts, to your sexy thighs and your divine honeypot. I own everything, and nothing will ever take you away from me. Not even the devil himself.”

Five years ago, Alejandro, a Mafia boss, and Marisa Russo, the strong-willed daughter of a rival Mafia family, were deeply in love.

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Their passionate connection led to an unforeseen consequence: Marisa’s pregnancy. Unaware of her growing child and Alejandro’s true identity, Marisa vanished from the dangerous Mafia world.

A cruel twist of fate erased her memories in an accident, leaving her in a foreign place, estranged from her own past.

Marisa embarked on a new life as a waitress and the mother of a son who strikingly resembled Alejandro.

Her ties to the criminal world remained concealed, even from herself. Fate reunites Alejandro and Marisa, but they fail to recognize each other.

Marisa’s amnesia prevents her from recognizing him, while Alejandro cannot identify his long-lost lover due to her transformation.

Marisa has a nightstand with him, and after that nightstand, Alejandro becomes obsessed with her. He yearns for Marisa more and more with each passing day and night.

He makes a firm promise never to give up until his desires are satisfied. What will Alejandro’s obsession with Marisa lead to? Will he be able to fulfill his dark desires?

A Night With The Ruthless Mafia Don Novel by EL JHAY
A Night With The Ruthless Mafia Don Novel by EL JHAY

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