A Shut-in’s True Power Novel

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A Shut-in’s True Power Novel Summary

There was once a man who focused his entire life on “self-improvement”. He learned each and every life skill anyone could think of. From cooking to swordsmanship. From cleaning to martial arts. His sole purpose in living was to perfect every life skill he could learn. To him, the more complicated a skill is to learn, the more satisfaction he finds in perfecting it. He developed his knowledge, his strength and his spirit. As time passed, his obsession only grew. He started ignoring the world around him and locked himself in his house to improve his “writing” skill, turning himself into what we call a shut-in.

With no one who could intervene, he ended up overworking himself to death. However, his way of life amused a particular goddess. As such, for her own future amusement, she offered him to reincarnate in another world. The man’s answer to this offer? Obviously he agreed!

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In a fantasy world with a new instrument called “magic”, The man taking the identity of “Dusk Nightmoon” hopes to find the joy of learning even more interesting and complicated skills. However will he be able to remain as indifferent to the outside world as he was in his previous life? or will the people of this world and the dangers within, influence him to change as a person? Find out in this novel which is a mixture of fantasy, comedy and action!

A Shut-in's True Power Novel
A Shut-in’s True Power Novel

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