A Spartian’s War Novel

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A Spartian’s War Novel Summary

The year is 2068. For his entire life, he has wondered what he is and how he is able to do the things he does. He does not believe he is a member of the Genome Program as so many have told him. An extinction-level event occurs on Earth and propels him and his friends nearly 500 years into the future.

It has become a world none of them were ever prepared for, yet it also begins to unravel the mystery of what they truly are. Martin discovers his true history, and his true identity, and the answers to the questions he has asked all of his life begin to take shape.

Only not into what he had ever imagined. He is a Spartan. Born a Spartan and so much more. His roots are in Sparta, but even more lies beyond everything he has come to believe to be true. Read and discover with him.

A Spartian's War Novel
A Spartian’s War Novel

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