A Trap in a Lewd Dungeon Novel

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A Trap in a Lewd Dungeon Novel Summary

Have you ever wondered what would become of you once you died? When the last vestiges of your existence is wiped from the universe.

Well if you have then you’ve thought more than I did. I was what one would see and say that he only lived in the moment, chasing the most recent highs and wasting a life away in silence.

Yet when it all ended I found myself in a black void, a voice telling me of wondrous things. Of people turned heroes by a mysterious system, of a place where all could happen.

I was excited, to be able to become one of those but my luck it would seem had not turned as I was not to be one of those heroes but the opposite really.

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A villain, one whose only purpose was to be the stepping stones of a burgeoning hero.

NO… No, I say to that fate I would not be just another common mob, waiting for my inevitable death. I had dreams beyond that, beyond anything that this damned system had made for me.

I had died alone, with no one to mourn me, but most importantly I had died without ever knowing the touch of a woman.

And it may have been for that very reason that I had overcome my limits, taking the power the system gave to me and jailbreaking it. Taking it upon me to be the lewdest dungeon. Instead of being the whetstone for a hero, I would be the bad end.

The final villain that none could overcome. Yes, that was to be my purpose. But why… why was I given such a body? I had become so cute, a body that would topple countries with its cuteness, I didn’t want to be that, I wanted to be the muscular demon lord at the end of the road.

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A Trap in a Lewd Dungeon Novel
A Trap in a Lewd Dungeon Novel

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