A Wonderful New World Novel

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A Wonderful New World Novel Summary

That was the word that often came out of Xue Yang’s mouth.
After becoming a powerful martial artist, he thought his life would be filled with happiness and excitement, but he was wrong.

He only felt empty every day because defeating his opponents no longer gave him the happiness it used to.

Luckily, he found a way to escape from his boring life.

Reading novels.

He felt alive again when he read novels, especially when he read his favorite novel.

He even got new dreams from reading his favorite novel because he wanted to live happily every day like the MC in his favorite novel.

However, God made a mistake and killed him before he could pursue his new dreams.
As compensation, God gave him a second chance to live and transmigrated him to a new world.

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Not only that, but God also created a system to help him achieve his new dream because he felt sorry after learning about his boring life.

“God has given me a second chance to live, so I will pursue my new dreams in this life. I will become a rich man, create a harem full of beautiful women and live my life to the fullest like the MC in my favorite novel. I will not stop until I achieve my dream.”

A Wonderful New World Novel
A Wonderful New World Novel

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