Abandoned Moon Novel by Giss Dominguez

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Abandoned Moon Novel Summary.

Once upon a time in a small village surrounded by a lush forest, there was a man named Gabriel.

He was a handsome man, but he hid a dark secret: during the full moon nights, he transformed into a fearsome werewolf.

Despite his wild nature, he had experienced deep and tender love with a young woman named Emma. Emma was a sweet and kind girl who had come to the village for the summer.

From the moment their eyes met, they both felt an inexplicable connection. Their encounters became more frequent, and their relationship turned into a passionate romance.

They spent starry nights together, shared laughter and secrets, and swore eternal love. But he, without any explanation, abandoned her. A few years later, Emma returns, finding a big surprise.

Abandoned Moon Novel by Giss Dominguez
Abandoned Moon Novel by Giss Dominguez

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