Affair with my Brother-in-law Novel by Giyannieee

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Affair with my Brother-in-law Novel Summary.

At the age of twenty-five, Charylle Raquel Jameson lived a spoiled and pampered life as the only daughter of the Jameson Family.

She can easily have whatever she wished for, can get away with any scandals and issue with her family’s connection.

Not until her parents decided to arrange her marriage to one of the most prestigious businessman of their country, Hugo Warren.

But that’s not where everything is ending. Charylle being a rebel child didn’t agree with her parents offer and escaped her family’s grip so she can give her virginity to someone else.

In that case, her soon-to-be husband might change his mind and break the marriage once he find out that she’s not pure as what they intend.

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At the night of her rebellious event, Charylle had a one night stand with a stranger, who happen to be her soon-to-be husband’s twin brother, Hunter Warren.

Both stuck at the flame of pleasure and desire, would they rather choose to be intimate with each other and listen to what their bodies wants?

Or distance their selves to respect the holiness of marriage?

Affair with my Brother-in-law Novel by Giyannieee
Affair with my Brother-in-law Novel by Giyannieee

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