Agent K2 by KaurD29

Agent K2 by KaurD29 is an action-packed martial arts novel that follows the story of K2, a highly skilled agent who is looking to complete his last mission before retiring and settling down. 


Summary of Agent K2 

K2 is ready to move on from his seven years as an agent and start a new chapter in his life. He wants to settle down, find love, and start a family. But his final task is a dangerous one that might endanger his life.

Until she meets K2, hospital receptionist Krystle D’Souza leads a quiet life. She never knew her father, and she lost her mother to cardiac arrest two years ago. Everything in her life changes when K2 enters it. They have undeniable chemistry, and Krystle quickly feels attracted to the enigmatic agent. Krystle worries that she might lose K2 before they have a chance to start a family as their mission becomes more dangerous.

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Agent K2 by KaurD29
Agent K2 by KaurD29

K2 faces a number of obstacles that put his physical and mental skills to the test as he works against the clock to finish his mission. K2’s skills are put to the ultimate test, and he must rely on his training and instincts to succeed. But will he be able to complete his task and depart peacefully, or will his last assignment prove fatal?

Excellent work has been done by KaurD29 in weaving a gripping story with compelling characters. The martial arts scenes are thoroughly described, and K2 and Krystle’s romance is sweet and endearing. A must-read if you like books about martial arts and action with a dash of romance. 

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