Alpha Logan’s Chosen Luna Novel by Cassandra Dawn

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Alpha Logan’s Chosen Luna Novel Summary.

My birth brought death to my mother, and my father grew to hate me for it, leaving me vulnerable to the abuse of my stepmother and stepsister.

My mere appearance served as a constant reminder to my stepmother of the woman my father once loved the most – my mother.

Consumed by jealousy, she relentlessly sought to destroy my life, but will she succeed? “Sign this contract, become my Luna,

and after the contract term ends, you will receive generous rewards and freedom.” “What do I need to do during the contract? Sleep with you?”

“You just need to play the role of my Luna. We will only pretend to be a couple in public, and there’s no need for marking each other,”

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“It seems arrogance is indeed a common trait among every Alpha,” “What?” “Alpha Logan, what makes you think I would readily accept your proposal?”

I continued, my voice now laced with a mix of anger and defiance. “Just because I’m a wolf-less unwanted daughter?

Or do you think you’re so noble and handsome that I should be grateful and accept your offer for a large sum of money?”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he stumbled. I once thought the man who saved me was just an insignificant nobody, but little did I know he was the most ruthless Alpha on the entire continent,

responsible for killing his own Mate. What stunned me was that he wanted me to become his Luna?

Alpha Logan's Chosen Luna Novel by Cassandra Dawn
Alpha Logan’s Chosen Luna Novel by Cassandra Dawn

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