Alpha Swap Novel by Alice Ayuzawa

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Alpha Swap Novel Summary

“F*CK” hearing the word in my voice even though my lips are closed is scary.

“I am only allowed to curse in my voice” The deep voice leaving my
lips scaring the sh*t out of me.

“That is not our biggest problem sweetheart, look” I, or the person in my form
held the phone in my face…or not my face? I took the phone in my hand.

I have never been so confused.

The phone showed me, a guy with a 5 o’clock shadow, sharp sculpted jaw,
and short brown hair. Honey gold eyes blinking back at me.

I put a hand in front of my face…and so did the guy in the phone…

Oh no what have I done.

…my mate and I swapped bodies.

“HEY-” I was going to start a panic rant, but the sight of my mate, who is in my body,
trying to get a feel of my D cup breasts ringed every alarm bell in my head.

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“F*cking move another inch, and I will cut off your third leg in the middle down south” my voice deep full of dominance. I was in an Alpha’s body, so came the powers with it.

Luana thought she was smart, using a potion to hide her presence from her mate, if she encountered him on her stay in the Placid Pack.

Not really much of a use if her mate is an Alpha.

Much to her dismay.

She despises the idea of having an Alpha mate.

What will her mate, Alpha Stellan , do? Will he let her go on her wish?

As in Luana’s words to Stellan:

“Life is a motherf*cking surprise box, and you are the little clapping monkey with the red striped hat, Stellan.”

Alpha Swap Novel by Alice Ayuzawa
Alpha Swap Novel by Alice Ayuzawa

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