Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate by Ebunoluwa Ademide.


Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate Novel Summary.

ALPHA VINS BOND’S HATED MATE (Beauty and the Beast) Vincent Bond-Smith, a vampwolf. Half-Vampire…Half-Lycan; a deadly cross breed.

He possess the powers of both species, making him twice as powerful. He is the Alpha King of all the notable supernatural societies.

Out of cruelty, he created a tradition, humans are made sex pets and slaves in his imperial. Vins Bond had longed to have a mate again.

Table turned, his second chance mate turned out to be the object he detested more than anything. A human.

Kiara had worked up the courage to leave an abusive marriage but she still cries herself to sleep every night. She is a cosmetologist who runs a beauty salon with little to no excitement in her life.

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She is bruised, broken and scarred. Not long though, she found herself in an entirely different world and mated to the rarest and deadliest hybrid.

Being Vins Bond’s mate, hating him and the whole imperialism system disgusted her so much but it changed after inching a little to closer to his heart, what’s left of it at least.

Will the broken, scarred human take up the courage to show Vins Bond what it feels like to be in love? Or will his dark world snuff out what’s left of her light and shatter her completely?

Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide
Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide

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