Alpha Xander series Novel by Humble Smith

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Alpha Xander series Novel Summary.

Lena’s entire pack was wiped away. Her whole family was also killed. It all happened right in front of her eyes.

She was saved by Lillian, the Luna of the Blue Moon Pack. She thought her life would be better in the new pack,

but not until the Luna died from the internal injury she got while saving her. This alone made everyone hate her deeply and raw, especially the Alpha and his son.

She became lower than an Omega, a slave, No one knew the great powers hidden in her. She was a rare hybrid, but the key to her powers was her mate.

One day, she saved a werewolf caught by a powerful trap, not knowing he was Alpha Xander, the most powerful and ruthless creature ever known.

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Never did she know that one act would change her life. What do you think would happen when they meet again in school,

right in the same class, and then she finds out who her mate truly was? Xander hated her as she was a weak wolf, but then, fate had a lot for them.

Alpha Xander series Novel by Humble Smith
Alpha Xander series Novel by Humble Smith

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