Alpha’s Chosen Mate Novel by FX777

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Alpha’s Chosen Mate Novel Summary.

Alpha Xander courted and loved Maureen. Mating was officially celebrated when Maureen was captured by the Vampire.

Maureen’s disappearance caused the Alpha to live far from the human, but, accidentally met the beautiful human Myra Montes – the descendant of the Montes Family – a hybrid family.

Both released their hidden desires to each other. Alpha Kurt Xander explored the fantasy-supernatural world while Maureen was captured by the Vampire, explored The Blood Country,

her adventure in the Shadow Hunter, and find the hidden desires of her heart. Lukas, Dario, and Vivika Cussak remained loyal to the Prince and waited for him to wake up.

Prince Dario was attracted to Maureen’s beauty and personality. Their relationship evolved, but, there was something behind each other hidden interests?

Alpha's Chosen Mate Novel by FX777
Alpha’s Chosen Mate Novel by FX777

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