Alpha’s Tormented Slave Mate Novel by Abigail North

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Alpha’s Tormented Slave Mate Novel Summary.

He told me to come into his room to clean… Only he had an ulterior motive for my being in his room.

As I was cleaning a woman wrapped only in a towel walked into the room from the bathroom and glared at me.

She walked over to the alpha who was also wearing only a towel around his waist, standing in front of the large bed in his suite.

He smiles at the woman who looked at him quizzically as he shook his head. “Don’t mind her, she is nothing. She is here only to clean.” He tells her.

“But you on the other hand…” He reached out and grabbed her by the waist as he removed his towel then hers’ as he kisses her passionately and lay them on the bed with him climbing on top of her.

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A sharp pain slowly begins in my chest as I gasped and grabbed my chest with my hand. I hear their moans as their passion grew hot and heavy for each and my pain begins to intensify.

I drop to my knees and looked up and saw her legs wrap around his waist. He looks back at me and smirks as his huge cock enters her body and groans in pleasure along with her moans.

The pain spreads and radiates all over especially in my groin area as he begins to thrusts inside her over and over again. I want to claw at my body and have the pain go away as I hear, “Yes, just like that.

My alpha…” She cries out his name in complete ecstasy, as he grunts and thrusts faster and harder. Hot tears fall as the pain intensifies and runs through my whole body. I hear my wolf howl and squirm in agony.

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There is nothing I can do. I lay and writhe on the floor screaming in my agonizing pain as they continue to ignore me in their pleasure of each other. Then I hear them climax as he roars, and she screams.

But while they are in pleasure I was in pain. You see the cruel Alpha is my mate, and he just violated the sacred mating bond with another she-wolf causing my pain.

I don’t know why The Moon Goddess matched me to an alpha that seemed to get off on my pain. When I woke this morning on my 18th birthday to discover Alpha Jacob Tyler of the Blood River Pack,

was my mate but instead of accepting or rejecting me he uses me for his sadistic games. And today is the first of many painful sick means that he has planned for me.

Alpha's Tormented Slave Mate Novel by Abigail North
Alpha’s Tormented Slave Mate Novel by Abigail North

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