Arabella Dwayne Novel by Majiri Othuke

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Arabella Dwayne by Majiri Othuke.

Arabella Dwayne Novel Summary.

Arabella Dwayne, had an unsettled score against her own flesh and blood—her powerful and ruthless uncle, who was driven by the quest for fame and wealth, wiped out her immediate family.

Amidst the dangerous journey she was set to embark on, a complicated love triangle emerges, entangling her in a web of passion and betrayal.

On one side stands Tyson Kings, the cousin of her best friend while on the other side is Ace Sky, her loyal and fearless best friend.

Arabella finds herself torn between her loyalty to Ace and her feelings for Tyson. Will she choose love or duty? In this tale,

prepare to be carried away in Arabella’s world that is full of danger and desire as she embraces her destiny and discovers that love was a dangerous weapon also.

Arabella Dwayne Novel by Majiri Othuke
Arabella Dwayne Novel by Majiri Othuke

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