Babysitting The Billionaire kids Novel by faithuba

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Babysitting The Billionaire kids Novel Summary.

“Now that we know each other we can talk.” He leaned against the car and folded his arms across his chest.

His face grew serious. “I’m in a dilemma, Ms. Rose and I wonder if you can help me?” Rose frowned. What in the world could she do to help a man like him? He was obviously a powerful, wealthy man and she was nothing but a hotel maid.

“I’m a busy man,” he said, deftly buttoning his cuffs as he spoke, never once taking his eyes off her, “but I suddenly found myself in a difficult situation. I’ve got my business to run and now I’ve got two, five year old kids.

I need the services of a nanny.” Rose could only stare at Luke Madison convinced that the man had gone mad. He didn’t know a thing about her. What was he thinking? “I know this sounds crazy,” he said, giving her a smile that told her he’d seen the confusion on her face.

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“But I seriously need a nanny, companion, and helper. Whatever you call it. I already have a housekeeper but she’s got her hands full and I don’t think she’s up to the challenge of one kid talkless of two.

Moreover, Mrs. Smith is almost sixty.” “But what about the agencies? They can help you find lots of people who would be happy to take care of a child.” “I went that route already. Hated it.” He grunted as if in disgust.

“They sent me young, old, fat, thin. The kids hated all of them. They are really picky, those little ones.” “And you think…they’d like me?” Rose asked him.

He chuckled. “I’m sure of it. From the second I laid eyes on you I knew you were the girl for them.” And just like that, Rose found herself babysitting the billionaire kids.

Babysitting The Billionaire kids Novel by faithuba
Babysitting The Billionaire kids Novel by faithuba

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