Battle Academy: A Reincarnation for the End by Fabio Henrique

Many individuals think that reincarnation is an endless circle. We may mentally picture the possibility of reincarnating in a different universe if that’s the one we want to live in. When you believe that your fate won’t change until you pass into another dimension and your soul transmits the information, this is an intriguing notion. Believe that reincarnation can provide you a second chance to achieve everything you wish to and don’t let the constraints of reality restrict your thinking.

Battle Academy: A Reincarnation for the End by Fabio Henrique
Battle Academy: A Reincarnation for the End by Fabio Henrique

After all, this is the notion we have. Together with us, Edward was a young reader who tragically perished in a vehicle accident.

His vision grew dim and then a fresh one appeared. When Edward opened his eyes, he discovered himself in a different room. memories of unknown individuals.

Edward realized he had been reincarnated at that very moment. He didn’t need to be told because he could already feel the tingle in his veins.

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Edward was even more shocked to learn that he was actually inside his favorite author’s book.

With the coming of a meteor that struck Earth, wiped out the dinosaurs, and brought magic along with it, heroes and villains emerged on this planet. Because this power can be employed for good or evil, there are more and more heroes and villains engaged in conflict every day. In the four corners of the globe, renowned academies train future heroes to battle evildoers and preserve world peace.

When he realized that he had been reborn within the body of a member of the Lothbrok family, his initial excitement quickly gave way to anxiety. a household that produced some of the greatest heroes ever.

But that wasn’t what frightened Edward; rather, what alarmed him was the realization that he had changed into Edward Lothbrok, a young man who would perish during an entrance exam for The Battle Academy, the best hero academy in the world.

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