Between Us Novel by Syggrafeas Ere

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Between Us Novel Summary.

Lisa loves the way Olivier calls her name, how he loves her, how he makes love to her but she’s scared because she doesn’t know everything about this rich jaw dropping chef whose ex warned her about him?

He tells her he doesn’t have any secret that she needs to be scared about she doesn’t believe. “I have done nothing, for you to be scared about.”

He whispers into my ear as his fingers run round my thighs, sending shivers up my spine. His broad chest was placed in front of my face.

He was kissing my forehead and I knew his eyes were on my face. I could feel it somehow. But I dare not look at them else I want to spill everything.

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“You’re not telling me everything. My love. Lisa, we promised, no secrets.” I chuckled. “Yes, yes we did.” “Well have it your way but, lies will get us nowhere.”

Olivier said and sighed. I just want to enjoy this evening breeze and not let anything ruin this night.

Between Us Novel by Syggrafeas Ere
Between Us Novel by Syggrafeas Ere

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