Billionaire Daredevil In Love Novel by Victoria Clement

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Billionaire Daredevil In Love by Victoria Clement.

Billionaire Daredevil In Love Novel Summary.

“Kitty, spread your legs.” he commanded and pulled his penis out of his drawers. “What?” I said sitting up, shocked.

I tried to move away but he shoved me back on the bed. I crawled backward landing heavily on my back. “I said spread your legs!” he barked.

“I-I’m not ready,” I managed to say, and I wasn’t. The last thing I wanted to do was have sex with him, but he seemed suddenly keen on it.

“Ready?” He said, his brow arched. “Who gives a fuck about that? Bitch ready or not, I will have my way with you; don’t forget that we’re legally married now.

This is your fucking duty!” I wanted to say something, but my mouth had suddenly gone dry, and the words remained stuck in my throat.

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He climbed onto the bed with his knee and pried my legs apart. Harshly, he tore off my thong, and I saw a lecherous smile spread on his face as he gawked at my genitalia.

He slipped a condom over his erection and tapped my genitalia with his sheathed penis. “This is going to be fun,” he grinned evilly, and my heart dropped.

Billionaire daredevil, Clayton Rocco, is an egomaniac and certainly, someone you wouldn’t want to displease.

His alluring looks and sexual aura make every woman look past his arrogance, selfish lifestyle, and playboy acts.

The young billionaire craved nothing else but the lust of ladies who warmed his bed at night, until he came across Nadine, a beautiful club waitress, a lady who stole from him.

23yrs old fraudster, Nadine Moore, swindles the wrong man and now, he wants it all, every single bit of her hh.

Billionaire Daredevil In Love Novel by Victoria Clement
Billionaire Daredevil In Love Novel by Victoria Clement

Billionaire Daredevil In Love Free Online Novel.

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