Billionaire Secret Wife Novel by Wendara

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel, Billionaire Secret Wife by Wendara.

Billionaire Secret Wife Novel Summary

Amelia was a secret from birth because she was illegal; she was not included in the family book and was home-schooled all her life.

When it was time to get married, her father wanted her to remain a secret from the world.

She had promised herself that she was going to take charge of one thing in her life – her marriage. Regardless of how her life had been controlled so far by her father and stepmother, they won’t pick her husband for her.

So, when her father had arranged a marriage for her with her friend’s son – one they have never seen, he lived abroad all his life. Again, they wanted a secret marriage. Amelia swore to run away before the marriage.

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Would she succeed? Mike cared nothing about marriage. But, when it was time to inherit his family business, his father made marriage to his friend’s daughter compulsory. He was ready to obey,

so he could disobey later. He would get married to her, inherit his legal property, and divorce the wife – finally gaining his freedom back. But when he saw Amelia, all his plans changed.

Billionaire Secret Wife Novel by Wendara
Billionaire Secret Wife Novel by Wendara

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