Billionaire’s Abandoned Love Slave Novel by Debbierlea

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Billionaire’s Abandoned Love Slave by Debbierlea.

Billionaire’s Abandoned Love Slave Novel Summary.

“You look so fucking sexy with your mouth wrapped around my cock,” Ryan groaned, increasing the speed of his thrusts into my mouth.

I moaned at his praise as I widened my mouth. And a split second later, he filled my mouth with his warm release. I smirked as I gazed up seductively at him and licked the remnants of his cum off my lips.

Ophelia Alvarez is a helpless third-year college student during the daytime and a bottle girl at a strip club by night. She resorted to such a controversial occupation because she has to pay for her cancer-

stricken father’s chemotherapy treatment. When billionaire CEO, Ryan Torres offers her a juicy proposal to be his exclusive sex slave, she has no option but to accept it to ease her Dad’s medical expenses.

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A lot of wild sexual escapades happen between them, and they eventually part ways, albeit in a terrible manner. When fate has them meet some years later,

will it be enough to get her to forgive the cruel, and arrogant billionaire, for abandoning both her and their unborn baby in a pool of blood, three years ago?.

Billionaire's Abandoned Love Slave Novel by Debbierlea
Billionaire’s Abandoned Love Slave Novel by Debbierlea

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