Blood and Tears Novel by Ariezs11

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Blood and Tears Novel Summary.

There was a big fight between King Arthur and Agatha, which made his wife leave the kingdom of Aqua, along with the child in her womb.

Not long after that hundreds of thousands of Shiners, tried to attack the Aqua Clan, blindly the entire population there without being left. King Arthur tried to stop the attack with all his might.

However, that alone could not turn things around and instead, the Shiners Clan succeeded in occupying the entire Aqua kingdom.

King Arthur and some of his loyal Servants, managed to escape to the Miracle Nation, in order to recover his seriously injured condition, and rebuild strength.

Meanwhile on Earth, Alika Hester has grown into a beautiful teenager, liked by many men. At the age of eighteen, his existence on Earth had been known for a long time by the Shiners, who came from the planet Airraksa. A place that is far from Earth’s area.

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They tried to kill Alika since she was seventeen years old to get Immortality, which was embedded in Alika’s body. Evander Fire is one of the Clan Shiners, tasked with eliminating Alika.

However, Blood managed to thwart each of these plans. Blood is a knight entrusted by King Arthur, to protect Alika and Agatha from the pursuit of the Shiners. Before Immortality is controlled by King Orion,

then during that time Alika’s life will continue to be in danger. Right at the age of eighteen, Alika felt her body possess a great power which, she could not control.

Immortality had reached the peak of its power, leading to King Orion of the Shiners Clan ordering Evander to immediately kill Alika, seizing Immortality from the descendants of the Aqua Nation,

just as they had previously planned. War between the Aqua Nation and the Shiners was no longer inevitable. Alika is unable to control the power of Immortality, this opportunity is used by the King of Orion to sneakily seize Immortality.

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However, the attempt was thwarted by Evander who was none other than his confidant. In the end, Evander was killed and made Blood angry.

The two are known as Zeus and Venus, which makes Zeus (Blood) have to be injured, while reclaiming Immortality from the hands of King Orion. Alika’s anger peaked. He couldn’t see any more of his loved ones gone.

Alika’s great concern successfully activated Immortality. Immortality has chosen Alika as its new Master. The power generated was incredible, until finally King Orion was killed.

Blood and Tears Novel by Ariezs11
Blood and Tears Novel by Ariezs11

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