Bloody Samaritan Novel by Gbemisola Aishat

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Bloody Samaritan by Gbemisola Aishat.


Bloody Samaritan Novel Summary.

He’s Super Handsome, He’s rich, He’s heartless, He is nice, He has chains of companies and hotels. He is the richest man in Las Vegas.

He is Cold, Heartless, ruthless and Arrongant and he doesn’t respect or fear anyone, killing is his hubby. He’s just 27 I forget to Add that he is a playboy,

But he has choice, he only go for rich celebrities. Adele Clerk…. She’s a 23 years old college dropout, working in a restaurant to save money for her sick mother Operation.

Her father is an irresponsible man. What happened when Adele father sold her to The ruthless Nathan, just because he can’t pay back the money he borrowed from him.

It’s not as if he used the money for something reasonable, He spent the money he borrowed from the ruthless Nathan on Alcohol and ladies younger than his daughter.

Bloody Samaritan Novel by Gbemisola Aishat
Bloody Samaritan Novel by Gbemisola Aishat

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