Bro I’m Not an Undead by Shade_Arjuun

Bro, I’m Not an Undead by Shade_Arjuun is a fantasy novel with 699 chapters that tells the story of Skullius. 

Summary of Bro, I’m Not an Undead 

A zombie on the run from Somanda, the venerable socket hole, tries to kill him without cause. Skullius escapes through a staged getaway with his gang of undead companions, which also includes Fractures, Bonet, Mono-socket, and Broadbone, and takes two of Somanda’s ostensibly valuable possessions.

He makes his way out into a new world that smells like life and makes his bones rattle with disgust. Skullius faces challenges along the way due to the presence of strong animals and people at every turn. He takes comfort, though, in the fact that he has discovered a new path to power and is no longer considered to be undead. 

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Bro I’m Not an Undead by Shade_Arjuun
Bro I’m Not an Undead by Shade_Arjuun

Skullius develops new skills throughout the book, including the master skill “Flesh It Like You Mean It | Lv. 1,” which gives him the ability to use cosmetic flesh and obtain a body that he likes (sort of). He meets a variety of people and circumstances along the way, each stranger than the last, as he travels on.

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This is a unique and entertaining novel that is sure to delight fans of the fantasy genre. 

The author’s use of humor and sarcasm keeps the reader interested, and Skullius’ character development is done well. Bro, I’m Not an Undead is undoubtedly worth reading if you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable fantasy book.

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