BULLIED TO BULLY Novel by White Dove

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“Pause.” Jessica growls, sending shivers down Jude’s spine. “Now, go ahead.” He regains energy and plasters on a smirk.

With his left hand forming into a fist, he lands 12 strokes on Pilate’s Adam’s apple, and blood seeps into his shirt.

Jude and Jessica lifts him off of the ground as Pilate’s gazes are directed aimlessly up at the clouds.

They both throw him into the dungeon, and chorus: “You’re gone, forever.” Maxwell Smith is a 17-year old young adult who attends BRUSHING UP High School in Texas.

Mr and Mrs Smith Jones are his parent, and they are known rich couple. Jessica and Jude are the top lecturers in the high school Maxwell attends and they showed him what bully entails.

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Coupled with that is the bully and maltreatment shown to him at home by his parent. Mirabel, his classmate was fond of him and she consoled him as much as she could.

Maxwell agreed but disagreed when he discovered that Jude and Jessica, his class teacher had killed his brother.

He sought revenge but he couldn’t until he was admitted into a college. During his years in high school, he encountered numerous bullies from both parent, teachers, and classmates.

When he started going to college through the money he saved, he was faced by greater bullies. But he didn’t give in, instead he retaliated and called himself a big boy.

To revenge and or retaliate, he had to join a secret bloody cult group, and there the world switched. Instead of being bullied, he bullied.

He concluded after being caught and jailed that he didn’t learn to bully. He was bullied, and therefore instinctively knew how to bully.

BULLIED TO BULLY Novel by White Dove
BULLIED TO BULLY Novel by White Dove

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