Busted Bubblegum Novel by hchladybug1218

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Busted Bubblegum Novel Summary.

Meet Natalie Ashman, the world’s most boring teenager. Her life is more than she signed up for. When Natalie is stressed, she chews on bubblegum or forces herself to purge.

Natalie will soon learn there’s more to life than hurting herself and others. When Natalie reunited with her childhood crush, Collin Abernathy, her world gets turned around as she begins to see the world through his eyes.

With her friends and family supporting her will Natalie be able to overcome her anorexia or will it consume her like it did before? Will Natalie learn to trust herself? Or will she continue to struggle with her inner voice?

Busted Bubblegum Novel by hchladybug1218
Busted Bubblegum Novel by hchladybug1218

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