Call Me Nymphadora Novel

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Call Me Nymphadora Novel Summary

As a child, Tonks had always dreamed of being an auror. She often wandered the streets of Diagon Alley with her parents, marvelling at the wonders of magic. Now, when she walks those same streets she sees nothing but a fragile façade that hides a deep darkness.

At Hogwarts, Tonks realized she needed to be an auror. There was really no other option was there? As a metamorph, it seemed that everyone in the world wanted to use her in some way. If she didn’t want to be a victim, she needed to be strong.

As an auror, Tonks discovered the truth of the world. A woman. A metamorph. A half-blood. All aspects of herself in which she found her pride. All reasons why she would never be anything more than a third-class citizen in magical Britain. Tonks realized she wasn’t enough, so she sought to be more.

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After a series of tragedies that left her broken, Tonks made a desperate gamble at the expense of her own life.

Tonks died alone, angry, and vengeful. When she died, the whole world shuddered.

Tonks closed her eyes and moved on to her next great adventure.

Someone else was born in her place.

You can call her Nymphadora.

Call Me Nymphadora Novel
Call Me Nymphadora Novel

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