Captured A Demon’s Heart Novel by Gaelly

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Captured A Demon’s Heart Novel Summary.

“Really? And you cried all the way home. Why didn’t you listen to your father when he warned you about the town square but our little mischievous Aurelia never listens.”

He teased her “And here you are forcing yourself on the little mischievous Aurelia” the next second she was pinned to the wall by Leander, his weight held her in place.

“Did you forget you were talking to your king?” He asked looking at her pink lips which for some reason looked enticing. An entangled relationship between a pure creature a fae, and a demon.

Leander son of Lucifer and brother to the seven sins of hell. Aurelia a kind-hearted, naive, and free-spirited girl who has lived all her life as a human unknown to her that she is a fairy.

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Leander falls head over hills for Aurelia at first sight but the poor girl didn’t want to be part of the royal family, she wanted a life where she can do as she pleases.

Captured A Demon's Heart Novel by Gaelly
Captured A Demon’s Heart Novel by Gaelly

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