Captured By The Mafia Novel by snowqueencel

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Captured By The Mafia Novel Summary.

Nathalia Sarmiento is just one of those ordinary teenagers who wishes to graduate from college in order to help the people she treated as her real parents,

who did nothing but love her as their own daughter as well. Everything seems to be perfect in her almost fairy tale story. She had a bunch of good friends, loving parents, and a comfortable life.

Not until her eighteenth birthday comes. She’s about to go home when, suddenly, a black van stops right in front of her. Before she could even escape, a group of men came out and took her away.

The next thing she knew was that she would arrive in a familiar mansion, and when she finally met the one who planned it all, the realization hit her hard.

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A mafia boss captured her. Much to her surprise, he even had the pair of shoes that she had lost before.

Captured By The Mafia Novel by snowqueencel
Captured By The Mafia Novel by snowqueencel

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