Capturing The Angel of Death Novel by Mastermind

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Capturing The Angel of Death Novel Summary.

To the vast majority, the concept and understanding of death was not very welcoming.

To them, death was the end of life, the power to destroy life and the end and destruction of all hope and happiness. To those who had given up on life,

it was like the first rain of the year; A kind shower that ended the heat and suffering of their miserable life.

But to the Quinn Family, death was none of these. Their understanding of death was a whole new definition, and wasn’t something that the ordinary man would easily come to terms with.

To the Quinn’s death meant transcending to a whole new world, they didn’t fear death like the rest did, rather they accepted it and sometimes called onto the Angel of death to heed to them.

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To the Quinn Family, transcending to a higher being was the purpose of living and this had driven the family into different acts that the society strictly abhorred. Everything concerning the Quinn’s was termed evil to the extent that they word evil had been replaced by Quinn in their town.

Marcelo Quinn detest the practices of his family. With their evil spreading and the lives of many being lost in their hellish practices,

Marcelo swears to put his family’s practices to an end. And in order to do so, he must put an end to their power source. He was going to capture Death.

Capturing The Angel of Death Novel by Mastermind
Capturing The Angel of Death Novel by Mastermind

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