CEO One Night Stand Novel by SKB

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CEO One Night Stand Novel Summary.

“Take off your clothes, or I’ll do it.” asked Hank Bishop. That’s the first thing Sara Martin was commanded to do after she became his bride.

So humiliated… In fact, Sara was sent to the Bishop’s family by her father only to seek financial help for his company. None here respected Sara.

She was only regarded as a tool to chase away the bad luck for her husband, the man she never met…. But Sara had heard about his bad reputation.

It was said that Hank was a ruthless devil, who had killed a lot of people. Being terrified, she was pushed into his room… She was so surprised that a murderous devil was such a handsome man!

She never thought that she would survive under his hands. She never imagined that Henderson would punish the whole Bishop family for her.

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Sara was deeply attracted by him. Until one day, she found out about his secret.

CEO One Night Stand Novel by SKB
CEO One Night Stand Novel by SKB

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