CEO’s Priceless Disfigured Wife Novel by STARMOON

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, CEO’s Priceless Disfigured Wife by STARMOON.


CEO’s Priceless Disfigured Wife Novel Summary.

Angus Smith is the most powerful president who controls the national economy, while Tammy Wood is a seriously disfigured lady who was exiled by her family.

However, she had been loving him for over 15 years since she met him at the age of 5. Thus when he proposed a marriage, she was so happy that she expected a new life.

However, the truth was that their marriage was totally a plot. Upon the truth being revealed, Tammy was almost torn to pieces and escaped from him with their baby.

Four years later, she was stopped by Angus as soon as she came back. It seems that Angus has regretted what he had done.

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So he just holds Tammy in arms tightly and decides to love her forever and ever!.

CEO's Priceless Disfigured Wife Novel by STARMOON
CEO’s Priceless Disfigured Wife Novel by STARMOON

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