Certified Revenge Novel by Anna Campbell

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Certified Revenge Novel Summary.

I didn’t kill my asshole ex-boyfriend.  I knew I might’ve said I would countless times in the text I sent before we broke up, and I wasn’t the calmest person. 

But I really didn’t kill him.  I, however, am the number one and only suspect of his murder since to everyone else he was a sAiNt. But hey, let’s not talk ill of the dead. 

The point is, I got stuck at the station being questioned about something I didn’t do, and his crazy alleged ‘fiance’ is thirsty for vengeance.

I thought it was the worst thing that could’ve possibly happened to me.  That is, until I set eyes on the detective of the case. I may just play along for a while. See where this thing goes.

Certified Revenge Novel by Anna Campbell
Certified Revenge Novel by Anna Campbell

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